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About TAC

TAC Aviation Limited will have two Divisions; one is TAC Aeronautical Academy and another is Commuter Airline Service. The main Administrative Base of TAC Aviation will be at Dhaka and Operational Bases will be at Dhaka and Sylhet. TAC Aeronautical Academy (TACAA) is committed to provide an excellent opportunity to all our students to be trained in a very professional airline environment.


The aim of TACAA is to develop a world class aviation academy to:

• Train and produce quality manpower such as pilots, engineers, flight dispatcher, cabin crew and others, so that the national carriers can effectively employ them and the requirement of expats are reduced to zero in the near future.
• Train and Produce surplus skilled aviation personnel for employment abroad in foreign carriers and thus earn valuable foreign currency for the country.
• TACAA will soon engage itself to have affiliation with JAA and FAA, which will allow foreign pilots to come and learn flying here.
• TACAA also looks into the prospect of corporate client to train them for PPL so that they can use the TAC aviation’s aircraft for private use or pilot their own aircraft.


The corporate objectives of TACAA are:

• To provide standard, quality and timely training to all aviation professionals.
• Create awareness among potential human resources.
• Acquire market share from foreign training centers.
• Generate employment opportunity.
• Ensure the interest of investors.
• Be a leader in the aviation training industry.


Successful graduates of all disciplines from TACAA will have opportunity to apply in the TAC Aviation and United Airways for suitable job and they will be given priority. It has PA-28 aircraft for student pilots. All aircraft are fully equipped with modern instruments. The training facility will be fully capable to train Private & Commercial Pilots, dispatchers, and Cabin Crew.