TAC Aviation Ltd.


Message from Capt. Tasbirul Ahmed Choudhury
founder of
United Airways (BD) Ltd & TAC Aviation Ltd

Capt. Tasbirul Ahmed Choudhury

After my first aviation project “United Airways (BD) Ltd” I felt we should unite once again to create a world class Pilot Training Academy & a Commuter Airline in Bangladesh.
The past few years the National Airline & Bangladeshi Private Airlines are experiencing huge shortage of professional pilots, and hence all the operators had to recruit a good number of expatriate pilots. This is not only in Bangladesh but globally there is shortage of pilots for the Airlines.
This new project (TAC Aviation Limited) will have two Divisions; one is TAC Aeronautical Academy and the other Commuter Airline Service. TAC Aeronautical Academy (TACAA) is committed to provide an excellent opportunity to all our students to be trained in a very professional airline environment.
Our successful graduates (Pilots) will have the opportunity to join United Airways immediately after obtaining the Commercial Pilot License. We have PA-28 aircraft for our student pilots. All our aircraft are fully equipped with modern instruments. The training facility will be fully capable to train Private & Commercial Pilots, dispatchers, and Cabin Crew.
TAC Aviation Ltd has signed an agreement with United Airways to support in the fields of operations, maintenance and administration for its Academy.
The main Administrative Base of TACAA will be at Dhaka; Training and Operational Bases will be at Dhaka and Sylhet.
The graduates of all disciplines will have opportunity to apply in the TAC Aviation and United Airways for suitable job and they will be given priority.
I express my gratitude to United Airways (BD) Limited for extending its support in various fields and commitment for recruiting first 100 graduated Pilots of TACAA.
Having this in mind, the management of TAC Aviation is fully committed to make sure that this vision becomes a successful reality. Involvement in this academy is an opportunity to be a part of a unique venture that will have a significant impact on Bangladesh leaving a long term legacy for all.
I finally assure you that TACAA will ensure the best possible training facilities for its students and the Academy shall achieve a world class standard.

Thank you.

Message from Air Commodore(retd)
Shahe Alam,ndc,psc, GD(P)
Director (Operation & Training)
TAC Aviation Ltd

Capt. Mustaque Ali

Every child dreams to be a pilot one time or other in his/her life time. But only a few make it. TAC Aviation Ltd has opened the door of opportunity for your dream to come true.
Under the leadership of Capt. Tasbirul Ahmed Choudhury, TAC Aeronautical Academy has been established to train pilots and engineers to cater domestic and international requirements.
TAC Aviation Academy (TACAA) is set to train pilots by its newly acquired most popular and advanced 5 trainer PA-28 Piper aircraft. Training will be conducted by a group of highly qualified ground and flight instructors of United, Biman and Air force back ground.
TACAA has established its operational base at Sylhet. Sylhet airfield having all the instrument flying facilities and having less traffic density, the training can be conducted more meaningfully, smoothly without interruption including instrument flying enabling students to learn better and earn experience quickly. Suitable dormitory has been hired close to the airport with transport facilities at Sylhet.
Modern class room facilities have been developed at Dhaka where ground classes will be conducted. TACAA has also a plan to build a world class hostel in the vicinity of Sylhet Airport for the students.
By a joint agreement between TAC Aviation Ltd and the United Airways, the later will employ 100 qualified CPL holders as pilots on confirm basis. United Airways is a fast growing and the most successful and the largest private airline of the country with 9 aircraft fleet at present, having a plan of having 15 aircraft fleet by 2015.
As the Director Operation and training, I firmly believe that TACAA is the most appropriate platform to make your dream into reality.

Thank you.